Friday, February 8, 2008

Start Your Business -- Part 2

The plan is the important things in our life. Realized or not, almost in every part of our life is fulfilled with “Planning”. Cooking without planning will not make any result (no food), work without planning is nothing and etc. Because of that we must know how important planning is.
This is also happen in business. Business without planning will not get profit but maybe will loss much money in short time and confiscating your time and effort.
A business plan is a short brief that explains how a business driver (like an entrepreneur marketer or director) plans to order an enterprising effort that carries out the actions that are necessary in order for the effort to gain success in their subject . Fundamentally, a business plan is the written description of a business model which will be done in next step. In other word is managing what the entrepreneurs must do in their subject of business.
From the statement above, business plan consist of the company background, the business appliances, number of targeted market and etc.

In my posting before about ( ) the plan in business is also the list of what the company does in future. The better prediction and purpose will make good effect in their business.

In a complex company, the business plan also detail about their marketing strategies, environment, their competitors, and the quality of product they offer. Usually, in big enterprise, management of each subject must be done by qualified people in business, so they will not loss their consumer.

Maybe there is any question like this, “That all about big entrepreneur or great business company, and how about “newbie” or individual businessman like us? Does it has the same effect if we do it in our individual business?”.. And the answer is absolutely “Yes”.
We can implement their way of business, we can learn from their strategy for success. No matter you are newbie or an expert in business. So, make the list of what we must do in business, create a good plan which you think you can do it well. Business plan will decide our way in the future, success or not. Without any planning, we will not get any result in every subject we do.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Start Your Business -- Part 1

If we talk about “Business” especially “Online business and marketing” we may think that is about the field for big entrepreneur or expert marketer who has a lot of money and invests his money totally to get profit in his first business. Beside that we also think that the businessman must be a full-time job, so there is no time for relax and for our family. Because of that we will make conclusion like this. “To get high profit in business (online business) field we must have extra money and invest them totally for setup and drive our business”. I think this statement sometimes is imagined by us and we will feel so sad or so hopeless whenever we remember our failure in online business.

Truly, not all of the statement or conclusion above is true, although some of them are true . To start and drive online business we must not have a lot of money and spend extra time. Well, is it possible? Is it true? I answer “Yes”. Before I explain about it I want ask you to imagine about business and marketing in simple case. Have you ever heard about “free business and marketing” field in our daily life? For example is you have a natural skill in Singing (you have sweet voice), then you make a kind of course in your home to the people who has high desire in singing, so this is your chance to gain more money. The other example is if you have “a beautiful flower” in your yard but you don’t want to take this flower as an accessories or decoration in your home. Then you think that there is people needs it. So try to promote it in front of your house. While you hope there is people who wants to buy it..
What do you think about two examples above? Is it a free setup business or non-free setup business?
If we think again, two examples above almost the same with “Online Business and Marketing” field. It can be a free or non-free setup of business field. It depends on “How we exploit chance of business” and “How the way we use to manipulate (improve) our things to get more “valuable” in other people eyes”. If we can focus on this two subjects, we will know the way to get benefit. Less in time is not always make us have minimum profit. It depends on “Effectiveness” in our work. Try to calculate the time of our work and then divide it with our income a day. Make your conclusion by your self, is it effective or not. Lower investment means less money and effort we allocate. By focus in this way of thinking we will try to make more income from our business and respect our time and money…

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