Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Business and Marketing Part 1

Term of business and marketing is well-known in our life. This term has meaning about our things that can be exchanged or sold to another in society in order to get profit from that action. This action can be done by individual or organization that has profit purpose. So, business and marketing has social point of view based on this term, which more effective if more people in them.
In the past, business and marketing hold in the real market or public area. This method has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the buyer can know the condition of the product which want to be bought and more believable relationship between seller and buyer. The disadvantages are it needs place to held this action, depend on distance (more distance means more money to be allocated), and the time must be calculated because it happen in the same time between buyer and seller. Because of that there is new system in business and marketing, that is online business and marketing.
Online business and marketing can be done in virtual place, doesn’t depend on distance and no need the same time between buyer and seller. More profitable or not depend on how the seller manage their business and marketing system. Better system they have, higher profit they get. In other words, the system has more effect about their profit.
The internet is worldwide area which has many people on it. The people make group of online society. Online society almost same with society around us, just the place that differs it. So, this condition is effective for business and marketing if we can manage the system of business and marketing well.


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