Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Business and Marketing Part 2

The system of business and marketing to collect worldwide society isn’t easy as we think, whereas that is the most important of our business and marketing. There are many competitors around us. So, to get attention from online worldwide society to us we must create any unique things which the other people (especially our competitors) don’t have. For example, physically, the colorful cloth will has many attentions than full white cloth we meet. This is common things we meet in our daily life. Imagine, can we implement it in our online business and marketing ? And the answer is “Absolutely We Can !”.
But, the new problem happen. “Unique things is very easy to be spoken but it is so difficult to be done”. Yes, that is right. I personally can’t do it too. If we want to think again about that, truly there’s no way to get more attention beside doing “unique things”. That’s the final answer for the first way to go to business and marketing. Although we can follow from “successful people” in business and marketing but sometimes we must have different token from the other, we must have different way of thinking from the other and we must have different system from the other to do our business and marketing. This is because if we follow them (successful people) whole it means that we must compete with them. We will be defeated because of their experience and their system. So, we can try to do our unique things right now. We can still follow from successful people, but don’t depend on them in everything. Although we still follow them we must keep our “unique token”. Make your things look unique and different. This is our personal skill and ability that will lead me to success.


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